Business Credit & Funding Program

Develop Business Credit & Get The Funding You Deserve!

This program focuses on increasing the fundability of your business


Our process includes complimentary credit restoration and education services. Yes, its completely free!


We address your Business Lender Compliance items to identify any missing items lenders may require for approval.


We will continue to assist with your profile until you are approved for $50,000 in collective business funding*.
* The $50,000 funding guarantee is based on our advisor team of Business Credit Experts assisting the client with securing several credit approvals, up to $50,000, through each tier of funding described below. If the client does not comply with the plan or practice healthy financial behaviors, funding may not be approved.

Qualify for Business Funding in your Business Name (EIN) separate from your Personal Credit!


STEP 1: Establish Your Business Credibility
Help you gain Business Listing Congruency and establish compliance items needed to start qualifying for business credit in your business name.
STEP 2: Establish Your Business Credit Reports
Help you set up accounts with the BUSINESS credit reporting agencies properly and for free to ensure you begin to build business credit history.
STEP 3: Establish “Starter” Business Credit Accounts
Over 90% of companies that offer ”vendor credit” do not report your payment history to the business credit reporting agencies. We provide you with those that do.
STEP 4: Monitor Your Business Credit Reports
Help you analyze your business credit reports to see when it’s necessary to add more tradelines or go to the next tier of business credit.
STEP 5: Establish Larger Credit Accounts
Help you set up accounts in the second of four business credit tiers that are larger and move beyond net terms in some cases.
STEP 6: Advanced Business Building Accounts
Help you set up accounts in the third of four business credit tiers that include but not limited to fleet credit and much more.
STEP 7: Acquire Revolving and Cash Business Credit Accounts
Help you establish business credit accounts through large banks, credit card companies, and alternative lenders all in your business name with potential funding ranges into the millions of dollars depending on what you qualify for.


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Business Credit Finance Suite
Business Credit Education & Restoration
Personal Business Coaching & Advisement
Access to Lending Sources in Specific Tiers
Personal Credit Education & Restoration (1 year)
Experian Smart Business Monitoring data
Personal Debt & Budgeting Software

Find Out Why the Xtream Business Credit Finance Suite is Unique and BETTER Than Any Other Business Credit Building Resource on the Market!


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Find out if youre approved in just minutes, with no money out of pocket, and no affect on your personal credit score.
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Don’t need everything included above?

Our Business Credit Finance Suite D.I.Y. Program offers the same business building portal without the Advisor team but with the same access to all the business credit options you need today!

For ONLY $995, you can get the following:

  • Business Credit Builder D.I.Y.
  • Personal Credit D.I.Y. Kit
  • Access to ALL of the same Business Credit Tiers and information
  • Funding Specialist Team

OR choose 5-month payment plan and gain access after 2nd payment.

Or get started with the D.I.Y. program with No Money Down Financing!

Find out if youre approved in just minutes, with no money out of pocket, and no affect on your personal credit score.
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If your business and or personal credit is already in good shape OR you have good business revenue ...

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